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Paintings, Photographs plus Books on Bicycling, Hiking and early Aviation History

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12"X12" and 9"X12"

Alkyd Paintings
















































































































































All paintings for sale at $300 each



Allegheny River, Belmar bridge in Franklin, PA






9Photographs (click here) by Paul Wittreich        




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 Pencil drawings  


Books by Paul Wittreich:

@Forgotten First Flights - this book tells each of the eighteen historic forgotten first flights in the twentieth century--they were challenged to conquer a geographical distance, a point to point across a known location e.g., the breath of a country or an ocean, by an airplane (a heavier-than-air machine).

@The "Daily Mail" Flying Prizes / 1907-1919 - early aviation history of the London 'Daily Mail' newspaper flying prizes awarded during the years 1907 to 1919 which included Bleriot, first to fly across the English Channel in 1909, and Alcock and Brown, first to fly non-stop across the Atlantic in 1919.

@Tandem Bicycling America - a tandem bicycle ride coast to coast going a southern route and a border to border tour following the Mississippi River.

@Hike/Bike America - hike the length of the Long Trail in Vermont, the whole Appalachian Trail and then bike solo across mid-America coast to coast.

For good information regarding hiking see

@Trans-Canada Chronicle - a solo bike ride from the Pacific, Vancouver Island following the Trans-Canada Highway all the way to the Atlantic in St. John's, Newfoundland, 4,400 miles.

    9 Widelux photos taken in Trans-Canada journey

@The Wooden Soldier - an illustrated tale for children of a wooden soldier who falls out of Santa's sleigh and comes to life when crashing to earth.  It is his task to find Santa and not disappoint some little boy on Christmas morning.


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